Not All Modular Camp Housing is as Good as the Next

I've been with the same company for nearly three years. I like the company and my coworkers are friendly but a few months ago I experienced a spat of apathy. Maybe it was the end of summer but my feeling seemed common throughout the company. The president must've have noticed it too because he scheduled a team building seminar for the following month.

When I heard the news I was cynical. Growing up in the age of ironic t-shirts, along with childhood favorites like South Park I address everything with suspicion. This was before the actual workshop. But after the training sessions was over my opinion had undergone a complete change. During the workshop we listened to captivating, inspiring, and exciting presenters. The exercises were useful. Also, it didn't last all day though I wouldn't have complained if it did. The important thing was I returned to work with a refreshed sense of direction, tougher leadership skills, and a better relationship with my coworkers. If your work is hiring motivational speaker check your pessimism at the door.

.Ceo peer advisory group